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Notebook to write down Limiting Beliefs that No longer serve you.

First off, what is a belief, and what is a limiting belief?

So, belief is something that we hold to be true for ourselves. We all have them. The challenge is that most of us don’t consciously decide what beliefs we should accept as true. Instead, our subconscious creates a belief based on how we felt when we experience something. And over time we pick up beliefs that don’t necessarily support us in creating the life we want. We call those limiting beliefs. We call them limiting beliefs because they fail to empower and support us in creating what we truly want. In this article, I’m going to share 5 limiting beliefs that no longer serve you.

Limiting Belief

These 5 Limiting beliefs are the life drainers of hopes, dreams, desires. For example, when you were a kid maybe someone told you that you weren’t smart. Maybe you were held back in school as a child. So, being “not smart” became a belief that was true for you. And everything around you was a reflection of being “not smart.” And maybe you even carried this belief into adulthood. There are many beliefs that people take on and accept as true.

Over the last 5 years, I’ve unpacked a lot of beliefs that limited me in creating the life I truly wanted. But it was this past summer’s road trip that really opened up the vault and peeled back the layers.

5 limiting beliefs that no longer serve you

Use a Journal to write off Limiting Beliefs you'd like to shake off this year that no longer serve you.

Limiting belief #1.)

“I’m not good/educated/smart/attractive enough…”

Really? Says who? The belief usually starts in childhood. And almost everyone has some form of this belief. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rock star or a average Joe. Remember you’re unique. The world needs you and your unique gifts. It may seem hard to kick this belief but through continual learning, meditation, and support you can bust this belief!

Limiting belief #3.)

I don’t have enough time for…”

I get it. We are all overbooked and extremely busy with life but make time for the things that DO matter. We choose where to put our time and who we spend our time with. And in the words of Lao Tzu…

“Time is a created thing. To say ‘I don’t have time,’ is like saying, ‘I don’t want to.”

Lao Tzu

We really do choose where we put our time.

I had this one come up for me when we started our roadtrip. “I don’t have enough time to handle all the things that could possibly come up and work remotely.”

How was I going to work on the road? What I found, was that I needed to make a plan and stick to it. No deviating from the plan or I would get overwhelmed, go down the rabbit hole, and feel like I don’t have enough time.

So, each morning before the sun came up, I’d get on my laptop while the kids were sleeping and knock out client work. This gave me more quality time to focus on my family which was the priority. I set the expectation with them and I made it clear that I would have another “work session” later in the day and evening. It worked out well and shattered the “I don’t have enough time” belief.

Limiting belief #3.)

“I’m Overwhelmed & Tired…”

This is an all too common limiting belief. What it takes is just one step at a time…” You simply have to put one foot in front of the other and keep going.” To create what you desire, you must take steps. Again, adding in healthy lifestyle activities like exercise, yoga, etc can help you move through this belief and create an empowering belief.

Limiting belief #4.)

“I’m all alone…” 

Firstly, I hear you. Often the feeling of abandonment or feeling alone stems from experiences root early in life. The truth is, you’re not alone and this belief no longer serves. Here is the kicker – Nothing ever happens outside of the community. Secondly, try getting involved.

For example, the road trip proved to challenge this belief. Halfway through our trip my husband and son had to fly back east and leave us in Utah. This brought up a lot of fears for me. Fears that I would have to lean into and sit with. In the end, my daughter and I drove the RV all the way to the east coast. Well over 3K miles in total. While sometimes we felt alone, there was always someone there when we needed them. A friend to call, a stranger willing to help, police offer there to assist. So many people showed up to help us on our journey and we weren’t really alone.

Limiting belief #5.)

“It’s too late to change…”

It’s never ever ever ever too late. Just because Grandma Dot or your mom’s sister believed it’s too late to change, doesn’t mean it’s too late for you. You aren’t Grandma Dot’s beliefs. You are an amazingly unique human with your own beliefs, talents and skills!

“Understanding your beliefs is a critical piece to creating the life and relationships you want.”


For instance, the empowering belief here became… “I can learn new things and add to my skillset. I can do this at any time in my life.” And that’s what made it possible for us to drive 3K miles in a 35ft RV from the west coast to the east coast.

Limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, can be transformed into empowering beliefs.

These 5 limiting beliefs that no longer serve you also rob you of your ability to create the experiences and life you want. And in my experience, travel is one of those things that just shake up all your beliefs if you allow it.

In conclusion, this year I encourage you to examine your beliefs and challenge them. Shifting your perspective and create empowering beliefs will open you up to so many possibilities! If you’re interested in following our travel adventures join us here!

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5 Limiting Beliefs that no longer serve you